Good Morning!  

How is your Prayer Life? The answer to this question may be the most telling concerning the life of a Christian.  

It is possible that nothing will change your life more than establishing a consistent Prayer Life.

After speaking at a church this past Sunday morning my wife and I drove home and noticed the churches that had not finished their services. We had come from a church that had a small number of people present in a sanctuary that could have seated many times the number of people present. We noticed the number of cars in the parking lots of other churches as we drove past them. Many of the churches were lightly attended. The sad thing we saw was a couple of places that would be considered churches that do not teach the Gospel of Jesus Christ and their parking lots were an indication that many people were present.  

Why are the places of worship weakly attended across our nation? I realize that it is not true of all churches, but, it is true in too many churches.  

Why is it that so many places of false worship are well attended?  

I have my thoughts.

When we are progressive in seeking God personally, then we will have an intense desire to worship God. Seeking God in your life is more than attending church on Sunday. It is a daily walk with Him. It is a void in your life that can only be filled by seeking Him in the private moments of your life.  

So...How is your Prayer Life? We notice in Scripture that Jesus found places where He could be alone to be with God...His Father. It was a time that He could get away from the hustle of being around people so He could have a quiet time with God. It wasn't the same place every time. Possibly, while He was walking from one place to another place, He saw a place that He thought would be a good place to stop for a few moments and have a quiet time with God. Someone has said that "it is in silence that God speaks to us...The more time you spend in silence, the more clearly you will hear the voice of God in your life."  

Personally, I love silence. I do not function well when there is noise. Turn the radio off. I can't concentrate on the noise. I know that the Devil is attempting to fill your life with the noise of the world to take your concentration off God. He distracts you with the noise around you. Just like he had a boat to take Jonah away from God...he has a boat for you. Get off his boat. Run to meet God in a quiet place where you can listen to Him without all the world's distractions.  

I'm reminded of what the Apostle Paul said. "Let a man examine himself." (1 Cor. 11:28)  

What about a daily examination of yourself. Seriously, why not take time in a quiet place to go over the past twenty-four hours of your life with God. Ask Him if He is happy with the way you handled stuff...reacted to people...made the past twenty-four hours. Is He satisfied with your thoughts during the past twenty-four hours? Ask Him! If you get a pause in your would be God saying that He is not happy with something you have done or said or thought. This is good. You are now allowing God to be Lord of your life and change the things that are not pleasing to Him. From your examination, you can experience rededication to Him. Ask for God's cleansed...and move on in your commitment to Him.  

Here are my thoughts. If you skip the daily examination in your life you will experience a deterioration in your spiritual life. Without God's daily input into your life, you will experience a spiritual void that will result in spiritual rebellion. You may not recognize it immediately, but it is happening. You are allowing the Devil to put you on his boat and take you away from God.  


There are a lot of people who are not taking their relationship with God seriously enough to spend quality time in a quiet place with Him. The result is spiritual weakness. It is a reason our churches are becoming sparse and empty. It is a reason believers have no spiritual growth. Don't blame it on someone else or something else. It is YOU! Your daily walk with God is dependent upon YOU!  

Remember the lyrics to the old song..."It's not my brother it's not my sister but it's me Oh Lord, standing in the need of PRAYER!"   

If you haven't already...start your daily examination today. This practice will give to you an increased awareness of who you are and what is going on around you.  

If you do it...apply yourself to this will change your life!!!       


May God Bless You!

Don Betts






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